I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A DESIGNER. It all started with shaping and forming legos into all kinds of creative contraptions. It can start with amazing typography, a great concept, or a beautiful photo.  Somewhere in the process, there is always a spark.

My career started in trade show publication design and evolved into designing collateral materials and environmental graphics for sports expos in Long Beach, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.  Going from an in-house design department to a traditional agency setting has given me experience not only on how to create a multi-layered design campaign, but insight into how the engine of business design is fueled. A little of everything has crossed my path.  From start to finish I am the person working on your project—making sure that the attention to detail is phenomenal.  I have been a full-time Freelance Creative Director for the past 6 years. I work with clients across the country providing design solutions at every stop. Some of those connections have even turned into long-term partnerships. LET'S GET STARTED.